Emergency & Critical Care

For day time or night time emergencies call 021-4893033.

At the Animal Care Hospital Vets Douglas in Cork we provide a 24hour emergency service, we ask that you would please reserve night time calls for genuine emergencies only. Common emergencies we treat include your pet being hit by a car,having twisted intestines (GDV) or needing a caesarian section. There are many reasons why your pet might need emergency care and we are dedicated to providing the best service possible.

Here at the Animal Care Hospital Douglas, as always, we aim to provide the highest standard of care for your pets. To this end we are equipped for all kinds of emergencies should they arise. Our specialised equipment includes a temperature controlled oxygen tent for pets with lung or heart disease/life threatening injuries. We have in-house ultrasound and xray facilites to rapidly assess critical patients. Our blood testing machine provides us with rapid results so our patients are immediately evaluated and a rapid diagnosis can reached.

We are experienced in emergency medical and surgical procedures, for example, blood transfusions and surgical chest drain placements.