Healthy Pet Programme (H.P.P)

Based on the old saying that “a stitch in time saves nine”, we are launching our Healthy Pet Programme (H.P.P). This is a new approach to pet health care and is designed to keep your pet healthy and to minimise any problems they might have throughout their life.

This is a Free/Discounted Service to you and your pet. It is a comprehensive health care programme covering all aspects of healthy pet care.

All you have to do is call in or phone, tell us you’d like to avail of our Healthy Pet Programme (H.P.P) and make an appointment for any of our free/discounted services listed on our website.

“A healthy pet is a happy pet”


1. FREE New Pet Check -  Have you got a new pet and are wondering how to get off on the right foot? Just make an appointment (free) and we will provide you with all the advice required to ensure things run smoothly.

2. FREE Puppy Party – As part of our new puppy vaccination program, we offer a complimentary puppy socialisation class with an approved trainer for free.

3. FREE Neutering Check Up – Wondering whether it is advisable to neuter your pet? Just make an appointment (usually at around 5 months of age) and we will check your pet and advise you of the best options specifically for your pet.

4. FREE Nutritional Advice and Weight Clinics – A very common problem with pets is incorrect feeding and often weight problems. We will advise you on how best to feed your pet, monitor its weight and provide a plan for all its lifelong nutritional needs.

5. €10 Parasite Checks – Worried about fleas and worms and the risks they pose to your family? We will examine your pet and provide you with free professional advice on how to treat any problems, and better still, how to prevent them!

6. FREE Vaccination Advice and Checks – Is your pets vaccination out of date? Are you wondering what is required? We can examine your pet and advise you on the best vaccination advice and protocol specifically for your pet.

7. €10 Senior Pet Checks – Is your pet a senior (usually >7 years old)? Is he/she having difficulty getting up or just slowing down a little? Early detection and planning can help avoid or postpone many of the problems associated with ageing. Just bring in your pet and we will check them out and advise you on what you can do to prolong your pets health and mobility to a ripe old age!

8. €10 Dental Checks – Dental problems are very common in pets, leading to bad breath, gum disease, and if left untreated, illness. Like ourselves, prevention is the key. Bring your pet in for a free dental check and we will give you the best professional advice on how to maintain that healthy smile!

9. €10 Insurance Check – Are you thinking of insuring your pet, or confused by the different policies available? We will examine your pet, provide you with the best advice available and if you wish to insure, we can offer you a more rapid cover and significant discounts following a free examination(rather than insuring it yourself).

10. FREE Travel Advice and Pet Passport Information – Thinking of travelling with your pet? We can provide you with all the information required to ensure your pet is compliant with the strict travel regulations and advise on how to protect them from any illness while abroad. Just make an appointment for our free travel service and we will put you on the right road!

11. €10 Cardiac Check – Heart problems are very common in older dogs, especially the smaller breeds eg. Cavalier King Charles, Terriers. Early diagnosis and treatment are critical in delaying the onset of problems and to significantly extend your pets life. Make a free appointment where we will check your pet and provide the best of professional advice.