Our investment in top of the range equipment allows many of our tests to be done in-house, enabling speedy same day results. This can be vital for critically ill patients by allowing the right diagnosis to be made quickly and the appropriate treatment started right away.



    • Equipment- Haematology and biochemistry machine, centrifuge, test kits for the detection of feline immunudeficiency virus, feline leukaemia virus.
    • We offer preanaesthtic blood tests, general health profiles and geriatric screens to ensure your pet is healthy.
    • In addition we have the facilities and equipment to test for hormonal diseases such as under-active/over-active thyroid gland, over-active adrenal gland (Cushings), just for example. We also perform specialised blood tests to evaluate liver function.


    • Refractometer and dip sticks, sediment exams
    • Urine testing is an under used test, we test urine to check kidney function, look for infections, detect crystals and bladder stones, and also in some cases screen for diabetes.


    • The use of our microscope facilitates the detection of skin mites (ie mange), yeast infections etc
    • Sometimes if necessary we send samples to the UK for analysis if a highly specialised test is required.


Animal Care Hospital Douglas Vets in Cork