Our Nursing Team

Our nursing team consists of 2 qualified nurses. The nurses aim to provide the highest standard of care for your pet. They play a key role in theatre, by preparing them for surgery, monitoring anaesthesia and the recovery of the pet post-operatively. They are also hugely involved with our hospitalised pets; medicating them, carrying out routine checks and ensuring they are comfortable at all times, essentially providing them with the TLC that they are used to receiving at home. They are happy to greet you and answer any queries that you may have regarding your pet. Regular post-operative checks, suture removals and laboratory testing are all part of our daily schedule. Our most recent initiative, given the rise of animal obesity in Ireland are our free weight clinics, which to date have been a great success! Continuing professional development (CPD) is very important to the nursing staff. They attend various courses throughout the year ensuring that they are educated on the latest advances in Veterinary Nursing.  With their combined experience they are confident in assisting the Veterinary Surgeons in all medical and surgical cases, from the routine procedures to the advanced orthopaedic and spinal surgeries! No matter what the pet or problem, each pet is cared for and nursed according to its individual needs.
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Our Qualified Nurses

About our veterinary nursing team.

The veterinary nurses are a very important part of the Animal Care Hospital Team. We have two qualified veterinary nurses who care for and monitor your pet throughout their treatment. As we are a veterinary hospital we use gold standard anaesthesia and all of our patients are connected to anaesthetic machines and monitored carefully by our nurses throughout their surgery. The nurses ensure that your pets recovery is as comfortable as possible and they are always happy to supply cuddles grin The nurses are always on hand to offer advise to clients on weight, nutrition, dental care, puppy and kitten care, parasite control, training, grooming, and much more.

Lisa Donnelly RVN - Head Nurse

Lisa is our Head veterinary nurse.  She joined the team here at the Animal Care Hospital Vets Douglas in January 2009.  Lisa started her training as a Veterinary Nurse in Dublin in 2000 and graduated with a certificate in Veterinary Nursing from the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons in 2003.  She spent a year in Australia working as a locum Veterinary Nurse and then qualified and worked as a professional dog groomer.  She is particularly interested in combating obesity in cats and dogs and runs our very successful weight clinics for our portly pets.  She has a beautiful tabby cat called Angel who she hand reared from a few days old and who according to her young son is “the best cat in the world”. She also has a very handsome golden retriever called Ben.

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Amy van Bree RVN

Amy is our recently qualified veterinary nurse joining the Animal Care Hospital team in 2015. She studied at St.Johns College in Cork and received a certificate in veterinary nursing.
Animal Care Hospital Douglas Vets in Cork

Linda Hayes RVN

Linda joined our team in 2014 as a student veterinary nurse from St. Johns College and has since qualified and become a member of our team. She qualified in May 2016 and has been awarded Graduate of the Year by the Veterinary Council of Ireland and St Johns College. She has a special interest in Weight Clinics.