Tiger O Neill

Bernie,Owen&‘Tiger’ O Neill-referred from Deise veterinary Clinic in Waterford
To all at the Animal Care Hospital Douglas,just a note to let you know how much we appreciate all you did for tiger following his accident. we will be forever grateful to Carl for having the expertise to fix Tiger’s numerous fractures. Thank you Carl for giving us hope when we thought there wasn’t any and for keeping us updated on a daily basis for the 3 weeks he stayed with you. Thanks for always taking the time to explain everything in detail. Tiger is doing very well and improving every week. he is now able to run,climb and jump in to the air to catch flies. so thanks again Carl for all your hard work.

To Karen, Lisa, Maura & Avril
Thank you very much for the care you gave tiger while he was with you and for always having an interest in how he was doing whenever he was in for a follow up visit.

To Lynn and Sarah,
Thank you both for your kindness and for always being so helpful no matter how many times we phoned.

To John C,
Thank you for the bandage changes which we know were never easy!

To John O M,
Thank you you for letting us borrow the cage, it was a great help in the first few weeks when tiger came home

You all do a fantastic job and we will always remember you. we are delighted that Mairead at Deise Veterinary Clinic recommended you. We certainly would recommend you, because if not for you Tiger would not be alive today.
So thanks a million again,
Best wishes always
Bernie & Owen O’ Neill

Our Client Comments

Here at the Animal Care Hospital we always appreciate your feedback. Thank you for your comments.


John and staff,
Just a short note to thank you all for the professional care afforded to our pet, and service to us over the past few days ... it was the best we have ever experienced and was appreciated.
Kind regards

May 2012
Our beloved Cavelier King Charles Spaniel, Sophie, passed away on the 10th of April, in her 15th year, a wonderful age for his breed.  Her longevity was due in no small way to the wonderful team at the Animal Care Hospital led by John O’ Mahony.  When the dreaded day came, and it was time for her to go, the gentleness and caring with which she was attended was beyond compare.

During her long and happy life she had many health scares, but because of the vigilant and constant monitoring of her health at the clinic, serious situations were always avoided.  We would say to anyone looking for a practise to register with, LOOK NO FURTHER.  Your animal will have the best of care from each and every member of staff there. We are forever in their debt

Mary Cronin

July 2010
To John O’ Mahony, John Comerford and the wonderful girls who took such good care of Bennie after he was hit by a car. His paw healed perfectly and he is now running around like nothing ever happened! Thank you again for all that you did for Bennie, you were all so wonderful to him.

Mary Foley

July 2010
To the Animal Care Hospital Staff. A huge thank you for the care you gave my beautiful cat Jerry. Jerry was a loving, friendly, funny cat who loved to head away hunting up the Cliffs in Oysterhaven. He was a much loved cat and I miss him so much at the moment but I know he got the very best of care from you all and that keeps my going.

Regards Breda Dalton - Twomey and Cats

January 2010
Dear Carl, Many thanks for the supreme effort put in by you and the team at the animal hospital in trying to save Jess for us. The level of care and attention was second to none and we knew that every step of the way Jess was in the best possible hands. The effort to secure her future was above and beyond and is truly appreciated by us both.
Best wishes to you all for 2010. You will never know the dept of out gratitude and our admiration for both your professional skills and your ultimate humanity.

Paul and Jeannie Keating

June 2010
Dear John and your team. Thank you so much for taking such good care of Hobs during his recent surgery. Your Kindness and commitment to his well being is greatly appreciated as he is our little hero and the ‘main man’ in our house! He is back to himself again and full of life and mischief.

Thanks again, Freda Kearney - Grieve

Our beloved 12yr old cavalier Sophie was recently, thanks to the vigilant care of vet Ann Burns, diagnosed with a splenic tumour.  Surgery was recommended, as the situation was becoming life threatening.  Despite our fears of surgery at her age, our faith was 100% in the advice of the wonderful veterinary team.
Surgery went very well but post-op complications arose, bringing her close to death.  Due to the combined expertise and dedication of the team she pulled through, against all the odds.  We were kept informed regularly during the day of her status.  That evening Mr John O’ Mahony took her to his home in order to monitor her, a gesture far beyond the call of duty.  He rang us early next morning with the wonderful news that she was making progress.
She has survived thanks to the dedication and expertise of the wonderful team at the “Animal Care Hospital” because they really do care!

Mary and Kevin Cronin

“John saved Misty’s life.  She now runs all over the place on 3 legs and doesn’t even realise she is missing a leg.  ….The accident hasn’t stopped Misty doing what any “4” legged dog does.  She even out-runs our other dog Wilson when they are fetching a ball.”

Previously, I had met my vet on routine check-ups, but when Jessie, my five year old West Highland Terrier became ill, I found out just how much I would come to rely on him for her mere survival.

Jessie started to become ill on a Friday with loss of appetite, shaking, accidents (i.e. urinating) and turning more and more depressed-like. By Sunday I had to take her to the vet. I found John to be more then happy to see Jess even though it was a Sunday.

At the start it was thought it was just an infection, but within a day or two she had deteriorated considerably. John took her in and she spent two days in hospital on a drip. Between John and the nurses she got the most wonderful care and attention with me being allowed to visit her. Looking much better, Jess was allowed home.

But once again in a few days we were back to stage one. This continued in and out of hospital, getting better only to get sick again, for the next few weeks. Jessie couldn’t hold on for much longer - she was physically and mentally drained from the tests, a lesser vet would have given up but John went through text book after text book, consulted with the College of Veterinary Surgeons, ruling out illness after illness.

John was terrific through all of this, keeping me updated with every test and result, explaining everything in detail. Finally he suspected she had “Addison’s Disease” so he performed the necessary tests, within days we had the results to confirm his suspicions. Jessie is now on steroids and doing great !!

Being such a rare disease it would have been possible to misdiagnose and maybe even have had to put her down. Having gone through such serious illness with Jess, I got to know John on his staff on a personal level.

I feel extreme gratitude for the Animal Care Hospital and its staff and I sincerely feel that they deserve this nomination to the highest degree. Words cannot express how thankful I am for saving Jessie’s life, without them she would not be sitting next to me now!


I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff for the care they took of my Rottweiller Arnie while he was dying with cancer. Not only were they thorough in their medical approach to Arnie but they excelled in their compassionate approach to myself and my wife during a very difficult time. All the staff were beyond reproach but I would like to make a special mention for Carl and Ann whom I can’t thank enough. I work as a retail area manager and if I could get half the service from my team as I did from your’s my job would be a lot easier. Again, thank you so much.

John and Annette

I would like to thank the staff at the ACH for the care they took of my 11 year old Springer Spaniel, Soda, they were incredibly understanding of my apprehension at allowing her to be put under anaesthesia at her age but in the end I left her with them feeling well informed and incredibly reassured that she was in the best possible hands.  The vets and nurses who treated her so attentive and thorough and after the health check I felt sure she’d be around for another 11 years! She has since gotten the all clear and is as sprightly as a puppy!  She has come back to me minus a lump but with several new friends!


Att John/Comerford/,OMahony.
Last Friday 18Th December at approx 8PM my dog was run down by a Car,I did not think he would make it,I was in a bad state and not looking forward to Christmas if anything happened to him. I know the latter seems soft from a man up to his retirement managed a big business with 140 staff and was known to be fair and hard who did not treat fools likely.
Benny was looked after so well he is making a full recovery. I really want to thank John Comerford who looked after Benny so well and also kept in regular contact with me,so as I trusted him completely. and had total faith in him.John you have found you vocation IE small animals and handling their owners..  Liam,Rita, Emma Caroline Lally.
Benny got 4 different coats for Xmas,I did not buy them.

Animal Care Hospital Douglas Vets in Cork