Pet Insurance

We at the Animal Care Hospital strongly recommend pet insurance. Huge advances have been made in veterinary medicine and surgery over the last number of years. While this leads to the successful treatment of previously problematic conditions, and in general an increase in the quality of care your pet receives, costs have also risen. Knowing that your pet is insured can give you the peace of mind that you are providing your pet with the best possible care without the financial burden.


There are currently 4 insurance companies in Ireland, and in the future there will be more. These companies are Allianz, Pet Insure, Pet Insurance and With each of these companies, there are also a variety of policies available at different prices. Illness or injuries can be sudden and unexpected so getting your pet insured sooner rather later is recommended. Once a problem is diagnosed/ noted by a vet it is too late and an insurance policy will not cover for this condition. Insure your pet today so that you will be ready for the unexpected tomorrow!

In choosing between the insurance companies, there are various policies available so some research is essential. Make sure you understand what the policy is offering and covering. We currently have the most experience with allianz but we are happy where possible to answer any queries you may have. If you are considering CHANGING to a different insurance company please make sure to check the small print before cancelling your current policy as new policies often exclude ALL pre-existing conditions. If in doubt please contact us and we will do out best to answer any questions you have.

The savings you are likely to make by having your pet insured obviously depend on the problems your pet encounters but some typical costs of common injuries and illnesses are as follows:

o Road Traffic Accidents: €500-€4,000 (depending on number and severity of injuries)
o Lameness; investigation and treatment: €300-€1,500 (depending on cause)
o Foreign body ingestion: €500-€1,500 (depending on location and damage caused)
o Accidental poisoning: €200-€800
o Life long illness such as diabetes mellitus: Over a lifetime could mount to thousands!!
o Heart conditions: Again over a lifetime can run into the thousands
o Skin disorders and allergies: Over a lifetime could cost thousands
o Osteoarthritis over many years: Can exceed a thousand too!
o Gastroenteritis: Treatment and investigation can range from €75-€1,000 (dependent on cause)

Before and after radiographs of a dog with two broken legs post road traffic accident:

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