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Lisa Donnelly

Head Veterinary Nurse

Lisa Donnelly
Lisa Donnelly RVN Head Veterinary Nurse

Lisa is our Head veterinary nurse. She joined the team here at the Animal Care Hospital Vets Douglas in January 2009. Lisa started her training as a Veterinary Nurse in Dublin in 2000 and graduated with a certificate in Veterinary Nursing from the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons in 2003. She spent a year in Australia working as a locum Veterinary Nurse and then qualified and worked as a professional dog groomer. She is passionate about anaesthesia and also supervises the training of the student nurses in the hospital. She has a beautiful tabby cat called Angel who she hand reared from a few days old and who according to her children is “the best cat in the world”. She also has a very handsome golden retriever called Ben.